The time is now. If we don’t fully own the absolute necessity to change how we’ve all been working, we won’t be working — and we won’t have the illuminating, inspiring, transforming films that we now enjoy. It’s your choice, but action is required.
Digital communities offer both studios and independents a way to economically utilize both test screenings and word of mouth screenings. The internet allows us to target specific demographics as well as monitor their behavior while viewing (did they pause? where? and for how long?). Geo-blocking allows for specific regions to be focused on. When the digital community already has a built in video player a screening can easily be accommodated.

Ted Hope

The indie film vet wants all indie filmmakers to consider digital premieres prior to theatrical release…and we’re inclined to agree! 

Customization is what dominates the contemporary internet, of course - we receive social news related to us (Facebook), pop culture and mainstream news of our choosing (Twitter), and of course ads closely tailored to our interests (Google). Is customizing cinema for each individual user so far behind? Imagine the possibilities in a cinema/video game crossover as deployed via VR headset.

Did you experience Nonny de la Pena’s Use of Force at this year’s Storyscapes?


Journalism in the Age of Virtual Reality: Nonny de la Pena (Future of StoryTelling 2014)

Nonny de la Pena is an immersive journalism pioneer who uses virtual reality to tell nonfiction narratives. Her works, including Use of Force and Project Syria, utilize 3D technology to create full-body, first-person documentary experiences. Witnessing these powerful stories firsthand evokes a personal and emotional reaction that is not as easily harnessed by traditional journalism.

Perhaps resigned to the reality that adults are flocking en masse to their TV sets and fleeing the theaters, studios are making a play for younger, spectacle-loving audiences with these new technologies, which will plant filmgoing somewhere on the fence between art form and amusement part ride.

Zach Wigon

This week’s Racking Focus focuses on the changing theatrical experience.