10 Top Future of Film Posts for 2011

Posted by Chris Dorr

We had a lot of great posts in 2011. Our many contributors covered the multiple ways that film is being transformed as the Internet completely reshapes our media environment.

They detailed how innovative filmmakers are taking the reins of social media and altering the fundamental relationship between the creator and the audience. Others made the case that movie theaters should transform themselves so they remain places where we can experience grand stories on the silver screen. Some pointed to the emergence of new story telling techniques and narrative forms that multiple screens and technology now enable. One recent post showed how Twitterhas become a main method of communication for the documentary community. The list goes on.

Following are 10 of our top posts for 2011 and the four central themes they covered, in no particular order. Our readers responded enthusiastically to all of them and shared them extensively with their friends. They are worth an extra look as well as an extra share, like and mention.

Filmmakers Change The World of Film Funding and Distribution

10 Tips for Crowd-Funding Newbies by Jennifer Fox

Making Love Out of Nothing At All by Mark Polish

10 Big Ideas for The Future of Film by Tiffany Shlain

Social Media Reshapes the World of Movies

15 Twitter Feeds Every Doc Filmmaker Should Follow by Marc Schiller

Can Data Save the Studios in the Age of Social Media? by Nick DeMartino

Why We Still Need Movie Theaters In The Digital Age

Movie Theaters Should Think Like Netflix by Chris Dorr

Movies and the Joy of Being Alone Together by Peter Gutiérrez

New Storytelling Forms Emerge From Every Screen

Why Transmedia is Catching On (Part 1) by Nick DeMartino

Reawakening the Grand Narrative by Jeff Gomez

Toward a New Digital Aesthetic: Some Rambling Reflections by Robert Rosen

Chris Dorr

Chris Dorr is a digital media consultant. His clients include MTV Networks, Samsung Electronics of America and the Tribeca Film Festival. He can be followed on Twitter @chrisdorr.

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