We’re targeting someone who enjoys films, but who is at the point in life where their career is getting more serious, their family life is expanding, and they want to be able to experience new and interesting films, but there are more important priorities for them. We want to be there to say, we know that your time is limited and valuable, we want to make you feel like you’re making the most out of your time. There are so many great things out there, but you can’t expect everyone to search for them. There are a lot of companies out there that talk about making life easier, but is life better when your most treasured resource - time - is being wasted? So for our typical customer, time is truly valuable.

KC McLeod, Vyer Films CEO 

We talk to KC McLeod about Vyer Films, an upstart subscription service aims to introduce curation into the formula.

Considering the hybrid terrain between docs and journalism, one wonders if, in the future, a hybrid sort of art form could emerge with doc viewings on VOD platforms. Since such docs aren’t typically the most cinematic works anyway, one imagines that not all that much would be lost be viewing such films on one’s laptop, and an added advantage could come into play - perhaps journo-docs, as we might call them, could feature links to various articles, essays, and interviews throughout their running time, with a sort of “works cited” list of links at the end?
The time is now. If we don’t fully own the absolute necessity to change how we’ve all been working, we won’t be working — and we won’t have the illuminating, inspiring, transforming films that we now enjoy. It’s your choice, but action is required.
Digital communities offer both studios and independents a way to economically utilize both test screenings and word of mouth screenings. The internet allows us to target specific demographics as well as monitor their behavior while viewing (did they pause? where? and for how long?). Geo-blocking allows for specific regions to be focused on. When the digital community already has a built in video player a screening can easily be accommodated.

Ted Hope

The indie film vet wants all indie filmmakers to consider digital premieres prior to theatrical release…and we’re inclined to agree!