Did you experience Nonny de la Pena’s Use of Force at this year’s Storyscapes?


Journalism in the Age of Virtual Reality: Nonny de la Pena (Future of StoryTelling 2014)

Nonny de la Pena is an immersive journalism pioneer who uses virtual reality to tell nonfiction narratives. Her works, including Use of Force and Project Syria, utilize 3D technology to create full-body, first-person documentary experiences. Witnessing these powerful stories firsthand evokes a personal and emotional reaction that is not as easily harnessed by traditional journalism.

I think that 90 minutes is not enough time to tell a female story. I think that most genres in film are driven by male protagonists — there’s the buddy story, there’s the action film, there’s the epic, there’s the film noir, there’s the romcom, which gets closest to being a female story, but if you’re not George Cukor or Preston Sturges you have a really hard time writing a really good story.

Frances McDormand 

The Olive Kitteridge star reveals how vital television is for telling female stories. Filmmakers, take note. 

Film doesn’t have to worry. Movies are awesome. There’s no war going on, theaters aren’t going to lose.

Aaron Sorkin

Last night to kick off the first ever Tribeca Innovation Week, former Chief Presidential Speechwriter Jon Favreau sat down to interview Aaron Sorkin about storytelling’s past, present, and future.