Did you experience Nonny de la Pena’s Use of Force at this year’s Storyscapes?


Journalism in the Age of Virtual Reality: Nonny de la Pena (Future of StoryTelling 2014)

Nonny de la Pena is an immersive journalism pioneer who uses virtual reality to tell nonfiction narratives. Her works, including Use of Force and Project Syria, utilize 3D technology to create full-body, first-person documentary experiences. Witnessing these powerful stories firsthand evokes a personal and emotional reaction that is not as easily harnessed by traditional journalism.

As code continues to become more baked into the creative process, any story or experience that can be imagined will be able to be crafted.

Matthew Matthew

Matthew Matthew’s transmedia project, On A Human Scale, creates a living, singing portrait of humanity combining music, film, people and technology.

We’re in the early days of transmedia, the veritable Wild West; in fifty years, when transmedia storytellers have figured out what works and what doesn’t, and certain formal structures have solidified, we’ll look back on this era as a crude one, much as early 1900s cinema appears to us today.
People are now looking at second and third screens, looking at content when they want to watch it, on the device of their choice. The best producers are those that understand that from the moment of inception of their program, not as an afterthought.

Matt Toner, president of Zeros 2 Heroes Media Inc.

As transmedia become more popular, Hollywood needs to seek out the audiences they have lost.