Releasing a movie is a little like a political campaign. You’re constantly trying to just catch any eyeballs you can because there’s so much competition for everyone’s attention. All bets are off with marketing movies now. The old ways don’t work anymore and it’s all about the new ways.
As you might guess, crowdfunding did not, in fact, take off in 1999. We can at least partly blame the dot-com crash of 2000, when the ‘convergence’ acolytes lost their jobs and all those freshly-poor investors got scared away from throwing their money at indie filmmakers. Slowly, however, as the economy recovered, crowdfunding would be reborn.

Mark Tapio Kines

Did you know that Mark Tapio Kines is the first person to successfully crowdfund a film on the internet?

In this interview with Indiewire, Kines talks about how the basic mentality behind giving money to a creative stranger has changed since 1998.