The time is now. If we don’t fully own the absolute necessity to change how we’ve all been working, we won’t be working — and we won’t have the illuminating, inspiring, transforming films that we now enjoy. It’s your choice, but action is required.
Netflix might end up becoming, essentially, another movie studio, just as they’ve basically become another TV network. I think this could be beneficial to consumers (and filmmakers) insofar as the studios would have a competitor with the economic reach to compete with them whose business model would be rather different.

Zachary Wigon 

This week’s Racking Focus looks at Netflix and the future of pre-sale financing

Instead of going to the Cannes Film Festival, filmmakers could be going to Las Vegas for a digital convention in order to pre-sell VOD rights to Netflix. Indeed, Netflix will likely expand from creating original series to creating its own large budget films, with the initial premiere on-line. Netflix may be a vibrant, important source of new financing that disrupts the studio system and bypasses standard distribution channels.

Schuyler Moore

Why Netflix will rip the heart out of pre-sale film financing

Independent filmmakers, like web entrepreneurs, are first tasked with distinguishing themselves from their competitors in the field, and to do this they must draw a significant fan base. Once that is in place, the filmmaker has leverage to move on to success in other areas - like financial success - and their prospects look much brighter.

Zachary Wigon

This week’s Racking Focus tells us why indie filmmakers should act like entrepreneurs