I have no idea what the film distribution model will be in the future, I don’t do predictions. It makes fools out of everyone. But I really profoundly hope that good, brave, difficult, weird, niche work continues to get made and supported and find an audience. No matter what platform it is on.

Ingrid Kopp

Read what else the Director of Digital Initiatives for TFI had to say about the future of film

Like the best filmmakers and most inquisitive audience members, we are never satisfied with the existing state of things and are always looking to improve the experience of our members, as well as the film community at large. These new initiatives indicate our dedication to being the community’s conversation starter.
Since Kickstarter benefits by taking a percentage of the money the film raises, and benefits further if they can provide a model in which films can stay with Kickstarter through distribution and receive a small theatrical release, which provides the kind of mainstream legitimacy (a review in the Times, etc.) that independent filmmakers crave, wouldn’t it benefit Kickstarter to develop some small indie film distribution arm? The possibility certainly seems tempting.