Could Tweet Seats In Theaters Be The New Smoking Section?

By Eric Limer 
Tweet Seats

It’s become something of a mantra in the cinema and theater alike: Please turn off your cellphonesbefore the performance begins. Depending on where you are, some of these warnings are a bit more lighthearted while others are a little more matter-of-fact, but either way it’s practically inevitable that whatever movie, musical, or play you are seeing, you’ll be asked to turn off your cellphone beforehand. Practically. A fad that bucks this trend is becoming more widely adopted. Commonly referred to as “tweet seats,” a phenomenon encouraging the use of cellphones during a performance is spreading, to mixed reviews.

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What If Movie Screens Were Truly Connected?

By Chris Dorr

In my last post Movie Theaters: The Last Unconnected Screen I noted that movie theaters have been slow to innovate, especially when it comes to all things digital. Readers joined in with comments and ideas about how movie theaters might improve their experience if they were connected to that high speed, multidirectional, distributed network called the Internet.

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