There are stories that are made to be feature length movies…and then there are stories that are perfect in a 3-5 minute segment and that’s where that story should live.

Morgan Spurlock

Morgan Spurlock, Gillian Jacobs, Dan Silver, Jason Spingarn-Koff and Vimeo’s Greg Clayman talked about short form content at TFF 2014.

I can see many filmmakers in the future saying, “God, I wish we were shooting on film still.” Those discussions will probably always be around, but I think the fact is that digital is going to be around to stay because it actually makes sense and people seem to be embracing it.

Neil LaBute

We talked with Neil LaBute about new distribution platforms, film vs. digital and more

Well, if you’re made enough films you really know what you need money for and what you don’t need money for. There’s virtually nothing on the cutting-room floor for this film - you shoot straight to the bone. It ends up being kind of like a film co-op, since you’re paying everybody the same rate, the actors are doing their own hair and make-up, no trailers. It really becomes a communal project.